I’ve had this mostly written for years, but grew bored of it before I was even done writing. I decided to do a rough recording of what I had just to see if there was anything there, and as soon as I did, I got inspired to finish it. Now I’m thinking it’s one of the best I’ve written.

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All My Time

This is another song I wrote probably 20 years ago.  I recorded a simple acoustic version back then. I rerecorded it 7 or 8 years ago as a dark heavy thing and it sounded so bad I never let anyone hear it. When I bought my acoustic guitar a few years back I stripped it back down and recorded it a 3rd time, and that was the charm. I never did get around to posting it here though.

All My Time (Right-Click and hit “Save link as…” to download)

How To Have A Midlife Crisis… On A Budget

As I am just weeks from yet another birthday, I figured I better get this one finished before I had to retitle it Post Midlife Crisis. It was supposed to be country, but I just don’t have it in me, so it sounds like this. It may help to put on your cowboy boots and give your sister a big kiss on the lips before listening.

It started out autobiographical but I invented a wife for added misery. Oh and the ED line is just a joke. No really, I felt it important to point that out.

P.S. I stole a line from Waitress (“Drawer full of pills…”) because it just worked too good here not to use it, plus I may be able to sue myself for plagiarism at a later date and I could really use the money.

How To Have A Midlife Crisis On A Budget (Right-Click and hit “Save link as…” to download)

Janie and the Devil

Well after a rather long case of recording block, I’ve broken out of my funk and put this little ditty together. I really didn’t have a clear idea of who or what the devil was as I was writing the song, so instead of just leaving it up to the listener to decide, I decided to explain that very fact in the song itself. I still think it worked out in the end, though maybe not for Janie. I lied in the song, I really don’t know.

Janie and the Devil

I promise (and by promise, I just mean I will halfheartedly try) not to spend 5 years on the next one.  I have a bunch in the queue and a few that are,  for lack of a better word, close.